Mr. Chandan Mukherjee

Competent Patent Attorney with 13+ years of experience in Patent Drafting according to Indian patent Office stipulations including determining the scope of the claims by performing comprehensive searches, end to end prosecution of patent applications in front of the Indian Patent Office attending complex hearings as well as presenting cases in front of IPAB. I am also involved in creating a global patent strategy for mid-size and large companies.

a) Drafted and prosecuted more than 2000 patent applications with a success rate of more than 90%. Convincing patent examiners in reverting to first examination reports and attending hearings so as to get the appropriate scope of the claims granted.

b) Acting as a single point of contact for 5 large corporates patent portfolio management

c) Specialization in dealing with embedded software patents as well as telecommunications domain

Patent Agent No. – IN | PA 1273